Help with Breeding

One question I get a lot is…

“How do you help your bird breed?”

It is very exciting to breed birds. Whether it is a one off, or you want to breed and sell the birds, it is a fun and enjoyable experience.

Here’s my tips to helping your bird nest.

bird 2

Make sure your birds will breed

Other than the obvious of making sure you have a male and a female bird of the same breed there are a few other things you can do. Make sure that your birds are about the same age and in the breeding age (e.g. breeding age for budgies is 1-4 years).


Make sure that they are getting a good healthy, balanced diet consisting of a good quality seed, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, etc. The birds need to be in good health if they are to reproduce. They won’t want to have any babies if they think both the babies and them may not survive.

Keep them separate (in pairs)

Birds tend to breed better when they are separated from the flock. It’s almost like a chance for them to fall in love!


Make sure they are comfortable

Make sure that they have plenty of room to live. Stressed birds are not going to breed. They need to know that they are safe and out of danger.

Build them a comfortable nest

A female bird just won’t be interested if you don’t give it somewhere to nest. You want to have a comfortable bed for the female to enjoy. Without it, it won’t be interested in reproducing. Don’t skimp when buying the nest for them. Make sure it is clean and that the bird has nesting materials (if applicable).

Make sure you are breeding at the right time of year

Most birds will typically only breed at a certain time of year (usually spring). The exact time will depend on the breed. When you buy the birds, check when this is with the breeder.

It take time

And finally you need to realize that these things take time. Give them some privacy. Don’t sit there all day watching them. They need to feel comfortable. It may take a month or two for the bird to feel safe enough to want to breed. This is just in the bird DNA and you need to be patient.

Still having problems

If a couple of months pass and your are still having problems check your birds out at your local (bird) vet. Here’s a great article to help you with breeding.

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