About Me and My Love for Birds

I have always been a bird lover for as far back as I can remember and then some.  My mother tells me stories of when I was much younger and she use to always catch me using my Dad’s binoculars to look at the birds that flew around in the backyard.  My love for them has grown ever since and is now basically an obsession (well that’s what my wife tells me).

I was born and raised in Australia and that has been my only home for my 41 years.  I live in Western Australia and we own a 1 acre property  that has 25 aviaries.  Yes, 25 aviaries!  They’re full of many different species of birds, some of them quite rare. I also take in birds that need some help. There is no better feeling than bringing a sick or injured bird back to health and letting him back out into the world.

As a result I have built up a lot of knowledge on birds and bird-care. I thought starting up a website would be a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge with everyone. I have learned one or two things in my time. I also love talking about it, which I can do here so my wife doesn’t have to listen to me going on and on about them (the webpage was her idea and I jumped at it after realizing how easy making a website is these days).

I have also done some traveling on my time and always try and visit countries with a lot of wildlife (particularly birds), so expect that to come up in a post or two.

I hope you enjoy my webpage.  Feel free to contact me over here if you want any advice.